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 Contacting Us 

The fastest and most surefire way of consultation & booking is visiting me in person at Highline Tattoo ( ), located at 57 W 28th St, New York, NY, 10001.

All NYC booking inquiries including touch-ups are to be submitted through Highline Tattoo directly.

I am off on Sundays and Mondays.

The shop staff and I are fluent in Korean and English!

Quote, Deposit & Scheduling


Come to shop during my hours for consultation, quote and scheduling.

If you can't come in person, you can submit the complete inquiry form through

Please be advised that the quote provided is only a rough estimate and may differ depending on the actual session time. This depends on the individual's skin condition and the final design which can only be determined once the session starts.


Every appointment requires a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in order to schedule.

We will not hold a spot for you without a deposit under any circumstance.

The deposit will be credited towards the final price.



Booking is now always open through Highline Tattoo! However, scheduling is usually available up to 1-1.5 months ahead and is most likely unavailable for the same month of the inquiry.

For example, in January, you will be able to book for February while slots are available,

But you won't be able to book for a January date since all the slots were already booked in Nov/December.


We will only allow reschedules up to 2-weeks prior to the existing appointment date. We do not allow any reschedule request past that point.

Please keep in mind that all deposits are non-refundable.


Session's payment (excluding the initial deposit) has to be completed in cash only. Gratuity can be paid in cash or Venmo.



Clients are responsible for reading through the FAQ page. I will not be responsible for any inconvenience that comes from not reading the FAQ page. Scheduling a session indicates that the client understands, agrees with and will follow the guidelines on the FAQ page.

I DO NOT work on any individual under the age of 18.

I reserve the right to refuse any work we are uncomfortable with.

I do not work on fingers, palm, toes, sole, and "private" area.

I do not replicate designs created by other artists.

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