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LA Booking Inquiry Form

This form is for Los Angeles, CA booking for 2/18-2/22 ONLY.

Please fill out the form below, copy & submit it via e-mail at

For NYC booking, contact directly.

Please allow up to 5 days to respond.

First & Last Name, Age : 

Phone Number : 

Design Size (Length x Height, in or cm) : 

Design Placement (for exclusions, please see the FAQ page) : 

Color / No Color:

Design Description *PLEASE KEEP THIS AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE, AND ONLY ABOUT THE DESIGN ITSELF. Attach reference image(s) if there is any, via URL or IMAGE FILE ONLY* : 

Available Dates & Time:

All communication is done in person or via e-mail.

Please be respectful and DO NOT contact the Shop to ask about scheduling or checking e-mails.

Thank you.

We require that all our clients read the FAQ page BEFORE they submit an inquiry. If you haven't read it, please do so now.

We will NOT be responsible for consequences that may arise from failure to read the FAQ page.

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